Tailor-Made Villas

We feel that we are unique in offering a completely tailor-made villa design service which begins with land selection, then house design and finally materials selection. Absolutely everything in the house is chosen from all the options available on the market. For example we don´t offer a choice from 3 different floor tiles, or even 10. We offer a choice from thousands.

Real choice means that every single detail of the house is chosen by the client, from the positioning of electric plugs to the type of stonework around the windows. As we have many years experience in managing this process, we are at your disposal for advice so invariably designing a house with us is an enjoyable, once in a lifetime experience. Quality is our top priority in construction so we constantly aim to have the highest specification on the market…by far.

Every house is different, but to have an idea of construction costs we have compiled a rough guide below. Please note, these are purely construction costs and do not include the cost of the plot or taxes:

Price guide in Euros:

Basic Specification
Hamilton Leon Specification
100 85,000 110,000
120 102,000 132,000
150 127,500 165,000
180 149,400 198,000
200 166,000 210,000
220 182,600 231,000
250 202,500 255,000
300 243,000 305,000


Basic Specification with Underbuild
Total m2
100 100 200 120,000
120 100 220 137,000
150 100 250 162,500
180 120 300 187,400
200 150 350 206,000
220 200 420 227,600
250 200 450 247,500
300 200 500 288,000


Basic Specification
Hamilton Leon Specification
Tailor-made Design
Architect's Cost
Town Hall Costs
License Guarantee
Stone Window Surrounds  
Double Glazed Windows
Tailor-made Kitchen  
Fitted Bathrooms
Ornate Stonework around House  
Security Grills on all Windows
Hot and Cold Air Conditioning  
Built-in Mosquito Blinds  
Central Heating  
Choice of Hundreds of Tiles
Solar Hot Water
Ten-Year Building Guarantee


120m2 Villa


180m2 Villa


220m2 Villa


300m2 Villa